Driver’s Choice Buying Program

Coyle Nissan, Clarksville, IN

The Benefits of Driver’s Choice outweigh Retail Purchase!

Driver’s Choice

  1. 4 Simple Options
  2. Guaranteed Future Value
  3. Practically Always Under Warranty
  4. Eliminate negative Equity
  5. Complimentary GAP Coverage
  6. Taxed Only on Usage
  7. Probably Lower Monthly Payment
  8. Short Term Agreement
  9. Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance
  10. More Effective Cash Down

Retail Purchase

  1. Obligation
  2. Risk of Resale / Market Conditions
  3. Cost of Future Repairs
  4. Liability of Negative Equity
  5. Must Purchase GAP Coverage
  6. Taxed on the Full Purchase Price
  7. Probably Higher Monthly Payment
  8. Long Term Obligation
  9. Cost of Future Maintenance
  10. Less Effective Cash Down



*Varies by vehicle selected and customer qualifications, see dealer for details. We DO NOT charge extra for Destination Fees ($750 – $860) Sales Associate Fees ($250), Higher Dealer Fees ($250 – $499), Acquisition Fees ($595). All Payments advertised include sales tax and applicable fees.